5 Sept 04 - Aileron Mounts

Good day today - we got to see the conclusion of putting the bellcranks, and made some progress on the aileron mounts.

There's a "gotcha" on the plans to be careful of, though - on all the plans that we could fine, all the parts for the (for example) left aileron bracket end in L - except for one, which ends in R. I'm pretty convinced this is a typo, because if you follow the plans, the bearing isn't going to fit, because W-413B is going to have the space for it drilled out on the wrong side. Haven't bothered to call Van's about it, but it seems that this is the right way to go.

The bellcranks are together (finally) - not for good, though, as we need to go back and touch up where we drilled the powdercoat off.
Here are all four aileron Mounts clecoed together . . .
. . . and clecoed to the wing - this is the outboard one.
Here's the inboard one.
Primed - we'll rivet them together tomorrow.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, hooray! I get to stay home and work on the plane. One of these years I'll make it to Homecoming, but not this year.

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