Visiting Steve Radditz

Steve Radditz is one of the guys behind Just RV Parts, an EAA Tech Couselor, and owns a builder's assist center a few miles out west from here in Florence, AL. He's helped a few folks around here go through the rather scary canopy-cutting process, and is pretty much just an all-around good guy to know.

Steve was hosting a EAA meeting at his shop, so I went out to see his shop, see what planes are currently living there, and pick his brain about the canopy project we're about to start on.

Overview of the shop. What's in here now is two RV-10's, a HRII, and a RV-8 (that you can't see from here).
RV-10. This guy is waiting a panel.
Almost-done HRII.
Same plane, different view.
RV-8. Note that this has a IO-390 engine. Nifty!
RV-10 that's not quite so far along. This one is about to have an AC put in it.
Cub sitting on the lawn . . . gotta take a picture.

Worth the drive. Got some good canopy advice from Steve, so let's go ahead and try to do this thing!

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