6 Feb 05 - Elevators are on, Visiting Scott Millhouse

Yesterday we didn't get the elevators on before it was time to quit. The plan for today is to get those on, get them rigged up, and then go talk to Scott Millhouse, a RV-9A builder that's just down the road. Maybe we'll be able to start thinking about the vertical stab, but it's probably not a bad idea to talk to Scott before we start that.

Well, they're on. Let's rig up the pushrod so we can move them from the cockpit!
View of the elevator horns and pushrod.
And there's the main pushrod running down the fuselage. We're going to have to adjust the travel of these things, there's lots more movement in one direction than the other.
Here's what Scott's -9A project looks like now. He's just finished getting his empennage attached, so hopefully we're only a couple days behind him . . . for this section of the plane, anyway.
Detail of how all this is attached. The horizontal stab in particular is a bit different than the 7/7A design.
Forward fuse. Scott's already got most of the interior painting done. Working on this part is probably our next project after getting the empennage done.
Scott's instrument panel. This slightly textured paint that he's using here looks terrific, though it's difficult to tell from this picture. I've forgotten what it is, though - I need to find out and then use it for my panel, too.
And there's the whole panel. The Trutrak ADI is the only thing in the panel that's fake, and I think we can forgive Scott of that as they haven't really released it yet.

Well, we started thinking about the vertical stab, but pictures of us thinking aren't that interesting, so there aren't any here. We'll get started on that tomorrow.

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