6 Feb 06 - Front Skin, Nutplates, Contemplating Electrical Stuff

Got a couple of thing done today. Probably the thing that was the most interesting thing was finally getting the top forward skin clecoed to the forward fuselage frame We've been fighting with this skin off and on over the past week, and had really had a dickens of a time getting it to fit on there at all. It seems like it was just a tiny bit too small, and some of the holes in the aft side of where the skin attaches (bulkhead between the panel and the firewall) didn't line up so well at all. Lots of stretching and pushing, and now most of the holes line up (there are a few that don't want to cooperate) though hopefully that'll straighten itself out when we match drill it.

Also, we're starting to attach nutplates to various seemingly random places back here, on the theory that they'll eventually be useful when we attach clamps to them and then run wires through the clamps. Right now we're just guessing where we'll need them, but after putting everything together and trying to imagine wires back there, I think the guess are better than they would be otherwise.

It's on there! Rah!
View from aft. If you look closely, you can see one of the nutplates on the rib on the bottom, forward of the subpanel.

We'll probably spend some time thinking through how electrical equipment is going to go back here before completely dismantling it. For some of this stuff, we're just guessing. Where's the best place for the fuse blocks? No idea. All we can do is guess and then run a bunch of wires to see if that worked, and just make it work, as long as it's not too horrific.

Oh. And at some point we're going to have to match drill this, too.

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