6 July 05 - Forward Wing Attach Brackets

As of yesterday, most of the parts for these are made, but there's still a lot of match drilling and just general stuff that needs to be done around these parts. The orignal goal here was to have a place to run the vent lines back out of the fuselage, but they're so close to the these attach points that we wanted to think through both at the same time.

Math drilling the bracket onto the fuselage. Because you're match drilling everything, here, you want to have the spacers (which you can't see, they're between the angle and the fuselage skin) in there. However, you can't hold them with clecos, because the clecos get in the way of the attach brace - here we're using rivets to accomplish this. Worked well.
Oooh - just starting to think about how this is going to have to work - we're going to have to fit a bucking bar in here (or pull the rivets, which I don't really want to do). None of ours are skinny enough . . . any ideas? I'm sure we'll come up with something.
Interesting thing, here: according to the plans, there's supposed to be a pilot hole here for the gas vent line. It's pretty much not here, but this is where it's supposed to go. The big spacer that dad's holding up there has to go around this hole, so this is (hopefully) a good way of locating where it's supposed to be. Yeah, I know that the angle goes on the inside, but this will be a good way of marking the hole.

Okay, well that wasn't as far as I was hoping to get tonight. Everything is match drilled, and we've thought through where the vent lines are going to exit the fuselage, so we can go ahead and keep working on that.

The right angle I managed to drill in the wrong place - well, not the actual wrong place, but the edge distance from the back of the angle is a little closer than is ideal. I didn't take a picture of this because I was so mad at myself for doing it - but upon further reflection, it should have a fairly easy fix if it ends up needing to be remade.

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