The goal for tonight was to get the flap brace and left flap on, which we were able to do. Again, pretty minimal number of pictures - this is just like the right wing, except, um, this is the left one.

Left flap on the wing.
Looks like the alignment here is pretty close. Maybe not quite as good as the right wing, but it's close enough.
We had little visitors tonight, who were very excited to see (and sit in) a real airplane, albeit one that has not yet flown.
Though if their mother has anything to say about it, I expect this is the last time either one of them is allowed in a small airplane for awhile. I guess we'll see.

Well, we're getting close to being as done with the wings as they're going to be for awhile. I expect that we'll start messing around with the wingtips before returning to the fuselage stuff.

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