6 Nov 05 - Mounting Gascolator Brace, Relay Doublers

Just trying to get the stuff we started yesterday finished up. Looks like the gascolator brace is going to be a pain to buck . . . I guess we'll see:

Match drilling the relay brace (where the holes are already) to the firewall (which has no holes). It's easier to do this on the outside of the firewall.
Same deal with the nutplates. Because what we're drilling into (stainless steel) is harder than where the holes are already (aluminum), it's a good idea to use a centerpunch on the steel when possible to avoid wallowing the aluminum out.
Fuel/oil transducer on the firewall. The stock part has three attach points instead of two, we've chopped the top one off. On our installation**, the third attach point does not have a purpose so it can be removed to save weight.
A slight "whoops" (I think) in the plans - the callout for the firewall to stiffener rivets is not for a flush head rivet. Everything else in this area is a flush rivet, so we used that instead.
Gascolator brace painted and riveted on. The larger holes (in the center, where the gascolator mounts) were match drilled from the brace on the firewall after the part has been riveted on.
Relay doubler, from the back . . .
. . . and there are the relays on the front of the firewall.

** "Our installation" is a carb'ed engine, two mags, and a fixed-pitch prop. I'm not sure off the top of my head if this is still true for other prop and engine configurations. Do your homework before removing it on your transducer.

Actually, most folks just leave that on there in case they need it later, which isn't a bad idea, either.

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