6 Sept 04 - Aileron Brackets and Shop Putterings

This was a good day - this was actually one of the first days that we had a list of things to do, and then went and did the things on the list. That really doesn't sound so hard, but what we have been doing is trying to do the things on the list and then realizing that we don't have all the parts or tools.

In any case, the things that we wanted to get done today were riviting the aileron brackets together, modifying the wing cradle, and coming up with a better way to display the plans. (So far, we've just had them sitting on a table, where they get covered with parts, tools, etc.) Also, today Wesley Gladden showed up to see the project, and we wound up putting him to work. He helped rivet the aileron brackets and also helped work on the cradle for the wings.

Picture for the FAA, so they know I worked on this: countersinking the aileron brackets.
We've been wanting a dial/vernier caliper for awhile, and finally tracked one down.
Tip from Dan Checkoway - duct tape around the bucking bars.

Interesting thing about this caliper - we didn't want to pay a large amount of money for a digital one, but the only other ones that we have seen are the cheap-looking plastic ones that they sell at Lowe's and Home Depot. (Unfortunately, the price isn't cheap . . . just the construction.) We picked this one up at Auto Zone, and although it looks lots better than the plastic ones, it's the same price - around $30. Also the wheel is calibrated in thousandths of an inch instead of hundredths.

Completed aileron brackets.
Wings out of the cradle - Wes and I took this opportunity to get some of the oil from the QB shipping process off of the wings.
"Before" picture of the wing cradle. There are more details on this on the log entry for 22 August.
Getting the ends off the cradle.
Using the wood from the QB crate to make the part that holds the wings.
With the carpet on there and the wings sitting in there.
New layout of the shop - we wanted to be able to get to the wings easier, as we're working on those and not the fuselage (which was in the center).
View of the same thing from the other side.
Beginning of the stand for the plans. This looks a bit silly and unstable, so we'll probably modify it tomorrow.

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