7 April 05 - Working on the Map Box

After a bit of discussion, we've decided to try something new and interesting on the mapbox. The plans call for normal rivets here (shop heads on the outside) which I expect would make getting stuff in and out of the glove box a bit of a pain - you have sharp edged rivets all over the place. We're going to try to use flush rivets with this. It might make it a bit more of a pain in the rear to buck (we'll have to back rivet it), but bucking this looks like it already would be a pain, so this isn't that much worse. I have no idea how this'll come out, so I guess we'll just have to see.

Stuff in the mail. Data plate (which we won't need for awhile) and bushings (which we may need pretty soon, depending on what we plan to do with wings).
Match drilled and dimpled half of the map box. Looks like it's going okay so far . . .
Position of the hole for the map box on the modular panel. With the tipper canopy, there's not a big choice of where you're allowed to put this . . . this is pretty much the only place. At least that saves us from any difficult decisions, I guess.

We'll probably keep working on this tomorrow so we're making progress on something while we're still trying to figure out what to do about the wiring in the wings.

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