7 Feb 05 - Starting to think about the Vertical Stabilizer

One of the things that I wouldn't have thought about but now makes sense now that someone (in this case, Scott and the RV plans) have told me about it is the fact that the vertical stab on the RVs isn't pointed straight ahead - it's angled off a bit to the left. Amazing that as many RVs as I've looked at, I haven't noticed this . . . oh well. It's not angled off by much, so I guess I'm not quite as unobservant as it may first appear.

In any case, here we go.

This part is going to get riveted to the horizontal stab - you can see how it's offset a bit to the left in the front.
This now has the bolt holes drilled, after what was probably too much measuring and making sure we weren't too close to any of the edges. (Be careful about the edges of the longerons on the inside, too.)
In addition to the the F-781 piece that drags the front of the vertical stab off to the left, there's also a washer that's going to go between the horizontal stab and the back bulkhead where the left cleco is right now - this helps to push the front off to one side. (Those clecos will eventually be replaced by bolts.)
And there it is, clamped and clecoed in.

Well, tomorrow, we'll drill those out for bolts and start thinking about how we're going to get the front part of the vertical stab on there. The directions are a bit weird, but we'll figure them out . . . eventually.

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