7 Feb 06 - Pondering Fuse Blocks, Overvoltage Protector

Pondering the electrical system components, today: at the moment, we're trying to figure out where to put the fuse blocks and the B&C Alternator Controller/Overvoltage Protector. Figuring out where to put these is a chicken and egg problem: how are wires are routed depends on the placement of this equipment, so we've just got to pick where to put them and see what happens.

A few thoughts, though: If the electrical system is designed well, these fuses are not going to blow on a regular basis. Therefore, being able to get to the fuses easily is not really all that huge a concern. Last time we were contemplating the fuses, we were considering putting them on the aft side of the subpanel, but we've decided against this because that area is less protected from moisture - say, for example, if you open the canopy while it's raining. Getting it out of the moisture is a higher priority for us than is ease of getting to it after the plane is together.

The other thing we're pondering is the location of the overvoltage protector, which has roughly the same sort of requirements. Out of the wet, leads to good wire routing, and (for a much lower priority) easy to get to after the plane is together.

Keep in mind the plane has nice access panels for this sort of thing, which I think we'll be glad that we cut.

Overvoltage protector (temporarily) mounted. This is on the left side of the forward fuselage, on the inboard side.
We've got angle reinforcements on the other side. It's nice and solid on there.
Take two for fuse blocks positions. Hmmm . . . still pondering this, no final decisions yet.

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