7 June 05 - More Panel Stuff

The main goal for today is to finish cutting the big holes in the panel so we can get the router back to David.

Also, the aluminum vents came in today from Experimental Air. Well, actually, they've probably been here for nearly a week, but FedEx didn't tell me that they were delivered to the apartment office. These vents look great - nicely made - the workmanship is impressive and they don't leak, the mounting kit has everything we're going to need, and the directions are great. It's worth noting that these are the least expensive aluminum vents I could find out there, but I also ordered them quite awhile ago and they're just coming in now. I'd really recommend getting these if you are good at planning ahead, but if you want them by next week, this might not be the best place to get them.

Highly recommended, anyway. They're nice vents.

One of the aforementioned vents.
Woo! The left side of the panel is cut. We'll have to touch this up with files and scotchbrite, and then drill the holes for the mounting screws.

This is the arrangement of instruments that we've settled on - just by looking at the picture, you can see where the Dynons are going to go, but what's filling up the rest of those holes? Here's what we've got planned:

Dynon EFIS
Dynon EMS
Pictorial Pilot
VOR (Eventually)

The VSI, altimeter, and airspeed will have Nulites on them, so the panel will be more or less lit between that and the Dynons. The radio stack will have the radio (duh), transponder, and a Garmin 196 or 296, and probably the intercom will be in there, too. The right side of the panel, in addition to having the glove box, will have a CO Guardian, Hobbs Meter, and ELT. All the switches, throttle stuff, etc, will be in a subpanel that is still in the nebulous stages of planning.

Short night, tonight. Returned the router to David, and we got a chance to see the autopilot he's building. "Just dropping off the router" turned into a 30 minute yak session. All good, we'll keep working on the panel tomorrow.

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