7 March 05 - Rudder Pedals, Wingtip Lenses, Gear Weldments

One of those nights that looks like chaos because my dad and I were working on two different things. Trust me, it didn't seem like it was this disorganized when we were working on it!

Now that the rudder pedals are painted, there's no excuse not to put all these back together. Cotter pins are in, too (just not in this picture).
Wingtip lenses after the initial cut. I made the initial cut with a dremel, but a die grinder/cutting wheel would have been a much better choice. As you can tell by the picture, there's a lot extra that needs to be trimmed.
After a few more cuts with the air-powered cutting tool/die grinder thingee.
After working on getting the gear leg in. Using the dremel means really slow going as the metal is so thick. Filing is even slower, and makes it sound like the world is ending. Probably we'll try the die grinder tomorrow night.
Fitting the gear leg means pulling out the bolts, which means the wooden wing spar spacers can come out for the first time. Kinda neat to look down this . . .

Well, both the wingtip lenses and the holes for the gear legs are pretty incremental things - trim, test fit, scowl at it awhile, and repeat the process. Looks like we're not making a lot of progress, but it feels like a lot of work. Might not be really interesting pictures over the next couple days, though, except for, "Well, this is closer." I guess we'll see.

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