7 May 05 - Puttering with the Wingtip Lights

It was necessary to be at some family obligations today, so there was not a whole lot of time to be spent in the shop. However, the time that was spent in the shop was interesting, as it marked the first time either of us has done anything with fiberglass so far on the project.

Hole for the position/strobe light. This was cut out with the dremel, which makes an amazing amount of dust, noise, and unpleasant smells.
This shows how it's going to fit in there.
We've made a little backing plate (where the nutplates will attach) - it's going on the inside, but this shows how it'll fit inside the wingtip.

Fun stuff. Not really lots of progress, but not really lots of time, either, so that's not really surpising. I expect we'll be able to finish this up tomorrow. Most of the work that's left is painting - we have some gloss white that should work for the notches where the lights go, which we'll probably use. The only other stuff that isn't painting is nutplates and cutting more holes . . . not a big deal.

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