7 Sept 04 - Constructing an Easel for the Plans

We continued work on the stand that we started last night. Most of what we came up with last night was judged to be rather silly and unstable looking, so between trying to figure out what we wanted this to look like and then building it, we managed to take up pretty much the whole evening.

I'm really happy with the way it came out, though - it was worth the time to go back and do it right. If we've got to look at this thing for the entire time we're constructing the plane, "Man, I wish that looked better" isn't what I want dancing through my head every time I have to refer to the plans.

Completed stand.
Back view, in case you want to make one. It's pretty simple - just 1 by 2 spruce from Home Depot and some pegboard.
Where it will be sitting, for now. (The parts that are on the table is what we'll tackle on Thursday.)
General unhappiness on one of the wing ribs.

Not sure where this slight damage came from - we've moved the wings around a bit in the last few days when we modified the wing rack, so this could have been from then or could have been from when it was shipped. It shouldn't be a big deal, though - a couple of tweaks with the fluting tool and it should pop right back into place for clecoing.

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