8 April 05 - Map Box, Strobe Light Power Supply

Gosh. It's been awhile since I've done anything with this site - the last few weeks have been pretty nuts at work, so apologies for the unintended sabbatical.

We're in the throes of a few different projects right now, but the thing that's really surprised me is the amount of time that we've spent planning and trying to figure out how things are going to work. The ratio of planning to actually getting what seems like real work done has been pretty high. Feels weird and not very productive. In any case, here we go:

The mounting bracket for the altitude hold is at the contemplation stage only - compare how this fits . . .
. . . with the plans. There's an extra lip in the drawing that's not in the plane. I guess this gets riveted straight to the bottom skin.
Thinking about mounting the power supply for the strobes - this idea is actually borrowed from Dan Checkoway. We'll probably mount it in the same place as he does, too.
Here's the other current project - the mapbox. Interior's painted now, so we should be ready to rivet after we give the paint a day or so to get really dry.
Oh, and this came in the mail from Van's today. Nifty.

Buying the Aircraft Inspection Repair and Alternation book was a result of some wiring questions that we asked Sam Buchanan and Dan Checkoway - both of them recommended getting this book. Although the immediate reason for ordering it was wiring, it looks like it'll be useful for plenty of other stuff, too.

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