8 Dec 04 - Match Drilling the Steps

Well, we're happy with the way these things fit as far as the shape of the steps, so the next step is to match drill all the rivet holes. It's important to get these all lined up, so we scratched our heads for awhile trying to figure out the best way to do this. It came out well, here's what we did in case you want to do the same thing. Here we go:

Get the steps lined up so that the front is parallel with the line of rivets. This is how we measured it.
There's only one rivet that you'll have to drill out, if you do this correctly. It's that one right there. (Don't confuse yourself - this is the only picture from the right step, all the others are from the left step.)
Then, centerpunch the step from the inside of the fuselage - put the centerpunch through the hole that results from the rivet you just drilled out. Then drill the step (use a 40), and cleco the step to the fuse. Everything should be lined up.
Draw the location for the rest of the rivets relative to the hole you've just drilled.
Drill all the holes (use a 40 size) where you've marked them - FAA Requirement sort of picture - yeah, it was me!
Cleco it back on - note how that everything lines up with the row of rivets in the fuselage.
Now match drill everything with a 30 size drill bit.
Here's the end result from the outside . . .
. . . inside view of the same thing.

A few things to note:

Well, we're going to use countersunk rivets, so it looks like the next steps are to countersink the steps, prime them, and get these on the plane for good!

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