8 Feb 05 - More Vertical Stab Putteringsp

It's worth noting that this whole empennage-mounting business is probably taking us two or three times as long as it would take any normal builder. Two sets of eyes sometimes speeds us up . . . and sometimes it slows us down. Really, though, we're trying to take a lot of time with this and get it right - the consequences seem more dire if you mess this up as opposed to messing up one of the 5,234 rivets in the fuselage.

In any case, continued today in our attempts to get the vertical stab attached to what I suppose could be considered the largest airplane part that we've got at this point. It's a bit confusing, so you better pay attention . . . .

First few holes in the shim are drilled. This is enough to do the test fitting . . .
. . . which is what is going on right here. Depending on how these line up, you're supposed to put F-761 in the front or back side of the vertical stab spar. The result of this measurement is the conclusion that going to go in front.
Here, though, it's on backwards for drilling . . .
. . . and there it's on in the "real" position.

Well, it looks like the next step is to prime this part and then to rivet it together. After that, we'll start thinking about match drilling the bolt holes on the back.

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