8 Jan 06 - Magneto Timing Tool

I'm actually out of town at the moment, but dad's still at home and had a short list of things to work on while I was gone. Today, he finished wiring this guy up and did whatever testing can be done on it while not actually timing magnetos. It beeps and lights up now, for whatever that's worth. I guess we won't really be able to test it until we get farther along with the engine.

Also, there was considerable running around to track down correct parts for the air compressor, which is on the fritz. I'll post more detailed information about that when the parts get in and we try to put them on the air compressor. For now . . . it's broken.

View of the inside . . .
. . . and showing the inside of the top, too.

So far, I'd recommend this tool pretty highly, and so would my dad, who's the one that put most of it together, anyway. Nice kit, good directions, and fairly straightforward to put together. Doesn't take too long if you're not constantly facing interruptions in the shop from the other guy to come lend another set of hands for whatever he's working on. Yup, that was my part.

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