8 July 05 - Riveting the Forward Tank Attach Brackets

The general consensus from Van's and from various RV gurus is that the mistake that we made yesterday is okay, so we're clear to go ahead and rivet those on. The forward attach point isn't really designed to do anything except hold the gas tank on - the main wing attach point is (obviously) the main wing attach point.

The area between the brace and bulkhead where the shop heads are going to be is too skinny for any of our bucking bars, so we had to borrow this one from Jim Skala in order to get these riveted on.
End result view with relation to the tank vent fitting.
Same thing from the inside. We have placed it (maybe?) a bit farther forward than necessary (not by much, if at all) so it clears the piece of angle.
How it looks with the whole vent line in there.

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