8 June 05 - Panel Fabrication

All the big holes in the panel are done, so now it's time to start messing with the holes for the mounting screws, the Dynon flush mount, and some more stuff on the right side of the panel. We're borrowing a little template from David (that I forgot to take a picture of) that you pop in to the panel holes and then match drill for the mounting screws - sorry about the lack of picture, but that's how we're going about getting all the holes for the mounting screws (theoretically) where they're supposed to go.

With any luck we'll be ready to put instruments in the panel later this week. Panel's not in the fuselage yet, but one step at a time.

Match drilling the mounting screws for the Dynon flush mounts. Lots of prep work to do on the bracket, too - scotchbrite, deburr, prime . . you know the drill.
State of the left side of the panel - other than a bunch of touching up with files (which you can't really see), the only difference is all the holes for the mounting screws.
State of the right side of the panel - tonight we cut the hole for the CO Guardian - it's the hole in the top left. This is back to dremel and file sort of techniques, now.

Tomorrow we'll see if we can get a few instruments in the panel!

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