8 March 05 - Gear Weldments, Fuel Selector

The left gear weldment hole has been successfully cut, but there's only one bolt holding it in. Now that we know how this is supposed to work, I'm hoping that as far as the gear weldments are concerned, it's all downhill from here. I guess we'll see if that turns out to be true. Also, we started messing around with the bushings for fuel lines. We're going to be messing around with these a bunch in the future. I just decided that we're going to run tubing down the length of the wings for the wires, so I expect this means we'll be pulling the current bushings out of the QB wings. More on that when the parts come in . . .

Yup. This is in there, now.
This seems to have plenty of clearance, but hasn't been deburred yet. We may have to cut out a bit more when we get this thing torqued to the spar, but for now it looks okay.
Started working on the fuel selector valve. Note the washers in there that shouldn't have to be.
Fuel selector, top view.

The fuel valve isn't difficult to put together, and there's only one part that you have to make, and that's the spacer. The spacers pictured are a little bit too short, which is why you've got the washers in there. They're cut to the length that's called for in the plans, but I guess how long they exactly have to be varies from fuel valve to fuel valve. It seems more important to get them long enough so that the bolts are holding it together, as there is nothing structural holding it together where the valve goes through the aluminum. Moral of the story: not a bad idea to make these a bit longer than called for, and then trim 'em if they're too long.

Started messing around with bushings . . . no doubt this will get more involved as a function of time.

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