8 May 05 - More Wingtip Putterings

The goal for today is to try to get these finished up. Because we haven't done any fiberglass painting before, at this point, we're not entirely sure what all that is going to mean.

Here's what the wingtips look like now - we've got the rectangular hole for the wires in there, and where the screws are going to go through has been match drilled.
Here are the backing plates, ready to go. Everything fits together okay, so it looks like we're good to go ahead and paint.
After the first layer of primer. At this point, we started to notice lots of pinholes. Not sure what the best way to fix that is . . .
. . . but a quick trip to WalMart resulted in owning a tube of bondo, so let's give that a try.
The end result, after some bondo, sanding, more primer, and another couple coats of white gloss.

That's where we're going to leave it for tonight. The paint will take some amount of time to cure, and probably it's best to let it sit for awhile before putting the lights on there. I expect we'll put them all together tomorrow and see how it looks.

I have no idea if what we did is the right way to paint these wingtips. We're just using the same sort of Sherwin-Williams self-etching primer that we used on the aluminium parts (which may not have been necessary), and then waiting for 30 minutes and then spraying it with a few coats of Valspar rattle-can gloss white. I am not sure if this is what you are really supposed to do with painting the wingtips, but it seemed to work just fine for us. However, if you want to paint your own wingtips, I'd suggest that you'd do more research on the subject than just "what worked for me." There are probably better ways of painting the wingtips that I should have researched. This is only for the notches, though, so I expect we'll be okay.

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