8 Oct 05 - Parts Arriving, Foam in the Wingtips, Attempt Two

We ordered a few parts from Stein Air a few days ago, and today (sooner than expected, actually) they came in. I had expected them to have to make the wiring harness - one for the Dynon EFIS - but judging by that quick ship time, they must have them in stock.

Meanwhile, we have devised another method of trying to stiffen the wingtips. The painting workshop is now in a week (!), so let's try to get that finished . . . or a least started.

Wire marking cards, Flush Cutters, and a DC Power Point (which will be mounted on the passenger side of the sub panel).
EFIS Install Harness and Encoder Harness. I suspect just buying this will save lots of time, and it seems to come with nice instructions.
A "throw out this pile of junk" session at work turned up these little things that I don't know the technical term for - they're for sticking to the wall (inside of the plane?) and putting zip ties through to hold wiring in a nice place. I know that Dan Checkoway used these in his project, but I think he used a larger kind, which would be better. (AA battery is for scale.)
Onto the wingtips: this is the same foam that we used to plug the empennage tips. The idea here is to cut it into strips (2 feet by 3 inches) to put on the inside of the wingtip.
Here's testing the general idea . . .
. . . and here it is actually expoxied into the wingtips. These are really porous, so it used a substantial amount of epoxy.

This way of doing foam in the wingtips looks a little bit less scary. Tomorrow I'll do the top half of the wingtips (unless we run out of foam) and if necessary, we can put a layer of fiberglass over the foam to really stiffen it up. Not sure if that'll be necessary, yet. We'll see.

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