9 April 05 - More Map Box, Strobe Power Supply Mounting

We're pretty much just continuing the adventures from yesterday - also, this is our first time actually putting a cut in the instrument panel, which is pretty exciting. Let's see how it goes.

Inside of the map box. The flush rivets came out quite well in the sense that they look nice from the inside, and since that's the only part you'll see, as far as you know the outside came out nicely too.
Where the strobe light power supply is going to go. These brackets are getting sort of done . . .
Location of the map box - there's not much variation for the tippers for where this goes. This is pretty much it. Note the modular panel.
Clecoed to the right half of the panel.
Starting the cut for the panel. This is a lot of work with the dremel.
Oh yeah, and the brackets that attach the map box to the subpanel.

Hmmm . . . looks like tomorrow we'll keep working on the cut for the panel. (That's just taking a long period of time) and see what else needs to be done. Probably we need to finish up the business with mounting the strobes.

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