9 Jan 05 - Control Sticks, Rear Bulkhead

The evening started with a bit of head-scratching. We're getting ready to put the rudder stops in for good. There's one hole that's drilled in the skins that you drill in the rudder stop, and use that to cleco it on. Then you match drill the rest of the holes. The hole goes through a tab on the other side of the RV that didn't really look like it was where it was supposed to be. (This is illustrated below.)

Hey, no sweat. We'll just submit a question to the RV list, and work on something else in the meantime. "Something else" ended up being the control sticks.

What I was just talking about - each pin is sitting against where the hole is supposed to go - obviously, they don't line up.
I'm not sure if this is in the plans (I couldn't find it), but it's on the quickbuild kits and I've also seen this on Dan Checkoway's project: these little plates that are screwed onto the top of the ribs, between where the control sticks go: this lets you unscrew these, drop parts for the control sticks in there, and then close it back up. Sweet!
Contemplating the control sticks, which are (sort of) done. Who's Pam? Um, no: the shirt says "Spam."

Okay, I need to run out and buy a right-angle screwdriver so I can get the control sticks in the fuselage. Though, they won't be going in for good right now, so maybe it's best that I don't have one. In any case, time to go to Sears sometime in the next few days.

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