9 July 05 - Starting the Rollbar

On to a new subproject! Well, sort of. We're not really done with the gas lines, but the rollbar and upper forward fuselage seems like the only two big sub-projects that are in the fuselage that we haven't done anything about, so we're going to start messing around with this now. For the first few days, at least, it looks like we'll be making a bunch of little parts.

Drilling the access holes in the rear part of the rollbar - clamps, drill press and all that sort of jazz. I didn't have a 1 1/2" hole saw, so a trip to Sears was necessary. This worked well, though.
Rollbar-related parts. F-631E has been drilled with undersized holes so we can match drill it to the main roll bar parts.
How this is going to fit together. We are not ready to match drill it to F-631E, as it's still a bit too wide.

The main rollbar parts - F-631AL and R - need to be trimmed to fit the width and height requirements that are called out in the plans. This isn't quite narrow enough yet to fit, and as this bumps right up against the skin, there are probably unpleasant consequences if it is too wide. We'll keep working on it.

We're also getting some amount of flexing in the main parts - i.e., if it's going to sit flat on the table, you've got to clamp it there. I don't think this will make much of a difference after we get this all together, though. I guess we'll see how it all fits soon enough, though.

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