9 March 05 - Fun Stuff in the Mail, Gear Weldments, Etc.

Interesting day - we had fun stuff show up in the mail, which is always a kick. Other than that, it was sort of a miscellaneous day of getting some random stuff done.

The Parker Rolo-Flair tube flaring tool. This one is from Aircraft Tool Supply. This is for flairing the gas tubes (probably that was obvious) when we get to that point.
Whelen strobes and position lights - these were ordered from Van's. As this is a -7A, we had to go with the System 6 lights.
This is the same picture as last night. Well, yeah, I know. It is, sort of. We got a bolt in there (we'll get the rest when we're planning the gas lines, probably) . . .
. . . and we got this hole more or less deburred. Now that I think about it, though, I'm not sure that I took this picture before or after that happened . . . whatever.
If you're going to do any sort of basic interior upholstery, it's best to cut the templates fairly early on, while there is still not a lot of stuff in the fuselage. This is a first cut at this . . . the final one won't have the penguin on there.
Hole drilled in the firewall (using the unibit) for the brake lines.

Well, the plan is that tomorrow we'll start working on the hole for the other gear weldment. Ideally we'll be able to apply what we learned on this one so that it won't take a really long time. What did we learn? Well . . .

Anyway, we'll start all that next time.

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