9 May 05 - Finishing the Wingtip Lights

Not really much to do with these except put everything together. Well, that and replacing a nutplate that somehow was the wrong size. Ahem.

How the base fits on there. These are countersunk screws, and although the back was already dimpled for this, the material around the front two had to be countersunk.
There's the whole thing together.
. . . and with the lens in position. Nicely centered, doesn't hit any of the sides, and all that.
What it looks like from the inside. I like the way the backing plates came out.

Both the left and right are actually done, here, it's just that taking duplicate pictures would not have been necessary. They look the same except for the obviouis color difference.

This week, Dad's out of town, so it doesn't make a lot of sense to spend the evening starting something new. I'll probably some of the rest of the week to try to get caught up on the website updates, as they've been woefully behind lately.

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