Wingtips, Clothes Hanger Bar

The parts that we were planning to use for a hanger bar (VS 411, actually parts for the vertical stabilizer) finally came in yesterday, so it looks like we can get started on that. Also, there's some more work to do related to the wingtips, so we'll try to get that done too.)

Indentations for the position lights now have two more coats of white glossy paint These had an earlier layer that had been masked off in the incorrect place . . . now it's fixed.
Clothes hanger bar is together. Still needs some deburring, painting, but it looks like this concept is going to work. That's 5/16"tubing that is flaired on the ends to keep it from falling out.
Fiberglassing the wings: these still have enough flex in it that a layer of fiberglass and epoxy is probably warrented. This'll hopefully be it for the bottom, though, although I still have to do something with the tops of the wings. Here's the right wingtip with the fiberglass cloth sitting in there.
And here's the left wingtip after it (and the other wingtip, too) has been given a nice layer of epoxy.

I'm pretty sure I'm the last person on the planet (or, at least, in the group of people that are building planes) to figure this out, but it's pretty wiggy how fiberglass goes all clear after you put epoxy on it. Weird.

Tomorrow, we'll probably start working on the tops of the wingtips and maybe see if we can start on the rudder cable fairings.

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