June-July '04 - Converting the Garage into a Workshop

P5090399.JPG P5090401.JPG P5090402.JPG

The above three pictures give you a pretty good idea of what the garage was like before we started messing around with it. There are numerous shortcomings, which I will detail: First of all, there is a distinct lack of lighting. (This has actually been a problem even if you just want to use it as a garage - it makes it difficult to change the oil.) Also, there isn't much in the way of electrical outlets - there are only two in the entire garage. This is going to be a problem for band saws, drill presses, sanders, and the like. In addition, there's a large amount of stuff all over the garage. Finally, there's nothing in the way of climate control. This is going to be a big problem if we're working in the daytime in the summer. This is Alabama, after all, and something that we learned while building the empennage is even if it's possible to rivet when it's really hot, it's certainly not much fun. I don't want to only be able to do good riveting when it's in the evenings, so perhaps an AC is in order, too.

Arrival of the tool chest and Avery tools - the first indication that this is going to be an airplane factory.
There's less stuff here - most of it has been moved to the back porch, which I did not feel led to photograph.
More progress - we have tables donated from the school at which my mom works!
Tables and lack of stuff - also the right wall has been painted white.
AC (and heater) is in, walls are painted, and electrical outlets have been installed.
View of the workshop center - white walls and electrical plugs . . .
And the right side, showing plugs and the nice white walls.
Detail on the Heater/Air Conditioner.
New pegboards for the tools. These are not airplane tools, though, those are in the toolchest.
Other wall - note the toolchest, tables, electrical outlet, and the air compressor (still in the box).
Lights! We started with one fluorescent light, we've now got 7.
Starting to look like home: empennage parts on the table and airplane posters on the wall.
More parts and posters.

All things considered, this is starting to look like a place where I won't mind spending a lot of time. That's probably a good thing, considering the endeavor at hand.

So far this has gone really well, and I'm really pleased with the way the shop looks so far. It's neat to note that my camera didn't have to fire the flash for the last few pictures, but did insist on using it before all the lights were in place. Also, I suspect that the A/C is going to be worth its weight in avionics, especially during these hot Alabama weekends.

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