Flying in Hagerstown, MD

My job sends me to lots of interesting places, and I have spent a week or so over the last month in Maryland. One of the guys I was working with up there is a pilot and owns a very nicely maintened Cessna 150. Gosh, it's been awhile since I've been in a Cessna 150. Joe was kind enough to take me up for awhile, and here are photographs of that adventure.

Maryland is a beautiful area in which to fly, but be careful of airspace! Hagerstown is within spitting distances of the TFRs for Camp David, so there's some potential excitement there.

Army (?) plane sitting on the field at Hagerstown. No idea what this is, really.
Not really sure what this is, either. The sign underneath says that someone or another donated to the local EAA chapter. This was just sitting in a corner of the field.
Joe's C-150. It had just gotten finished with its annual inspection, actually.
Contrary to this sticker, the airplane doesn't have any sort of nitrous modifications. Joe's son is into cars in a big way - the Cessna shares the hangar with a fairly heavily modified Honda S-2000.
Heading south to fly over the Antietam battlefield.
Downtown (?) Hagerstown. I think this is pretty close to the center of town.
More Hagerstown.
Maryland Correctional Training Center - this is where I was working the week I was up here.
Another view - the main gate is towards the left of the picture, and guard towers can be seen around the perimeter.
This is the prison that's right across the road from MCTC. I don't know what it's called, but the main building (left side of the picture) was actually built in the 1930's, I believe.

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