Misc. Airplane Stuff

Newest stuff is closest to the top. If this page gets really large, I suppose I'll have to figure out a better way to organize it. For now, though, it's just something of a chronologically arranged free-for-all.

  • 17 Aug 06 - pictures from the monthly TVRVBG meeting at the shop.
  • 6 Aug 06 - EAA meeting at Steve Radditz's shop, looking at RVs in progress, getting advice from Steve about cutting the canopy.
  • 7 Jan 06 - flying around Hagerstown, MD, in a Cessna 150.
  • 16 Oct 05 - visiting Kevin Clodfelter, who's building a 6 in the Atlanta area.
  • 14 Oct 05 - visiting Scott Will, who's building a -7A QB in the Atlanta area.

  • 9 Sept 05 - helping Brian Sutherland unload a RV-10 Quickbuild Kit in Nashville, TN.
  • 23 June 05 - pictures and associated commentary from the monthly TVRVBG meeting - cookout at Moontown.

  • 20 April 05 - pictures and a report from Sun-n-Fun '05.

  • 13 Feb 05 Breakfast Run - gaggle and miscellaneous shots from flying to Pell City for breakfast.
  • 16 Jan 05 - pictures and associated commentary from the the Van's Air Force: Florida Wing's RV Weekend at Lakeland.

  • 13 January 05 - my dad got to go flying with Dan Checkoway. There are neat airplane pictuers plus a couple of tech tips from Dan.

  • 18 November 04 - photographs from a TVRVBG meeting at Jim Skala's shop. Jim's building a Subaru-powered RV-9A. He's a bit farther along than I am so in addition to a bunch of pictures, this is a collection of tips from Jim that I'm planning on using.
  • 8 August 04 - Pictures from a Yak ride at Moontown Airport. Lots of fun was had and it was not necessary to use any barf bags. Whee!

  • 29 May 04 - Pictures from lunch at Spry International. RVs, hamburgers . . . lots of fun.
  • 20 May 04 - Pictures from the TVRVBG monthly meeting (this one was a fly in) at DCU.
  • 19 April 04 - Pictures and associated commentary have been posted about Sun 'n Fun '04.

  • 3 April 04 - Pictures from flying a Cessna 152 over the Huntsville/Decatur area right before sunset. Thanks to Josh Freeman for taking these pictures and letting me splat them on this site.

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