15-16 Oct 05 - Painting Workshop @ Alexander Tech Center

We took a couple days off of bending metal to head to the painting workshop at the Alexander Technical Center. This is actually the second time we've tried to get signed up for this class - it's not offered terribly frequently, and the first time we ended up on the wait list.

The review of this class that my dad was kind enough to write for this site has more in the way of detail that was going on.

This takes place at Aeropaint, which is just down the street from the Tech center. There are airplanes in various stages of the painting process sitting around. This guy is about to be stripped . . .
. . . and this guy has just finished being stripped.
Stripping old paint off the sample parts (flaps from a Cessna 150). This is a rotary air sander with a little nylon-tipped wheel, we're using it to get in the smaller areas.
Using an orbital air sander for the larger flat spaces.
Dave demonstrates how to clean the aluminum with a scotchbrite pad and a cleaning solution.
Hosing down Cessna parts with a coating of the etching solution . . .
. . . followed by a layer of alodine.
Technique for filling pinholes:
How to mask off a checkerboard pattern: tape a solid layer of tape, and then another solid layer of tape perpendicular to the first layer.
Then use a razor blade to cut along the borders of the tape - either way you go, you'll have an edge of the tape as a reference.
Meanwhile - masking off letters and a swoosh. The blue material is a thin, plastic masking tape that is flexible enough to make nice curves.
Spraying the flaps with a red polyurethane.
Final step in the checkerboard pattern - after painting, peeling off the tape.
After peeling off the tape from around the N-numbers. Yeah, I know this isn't the real N-number we're going to use, but there's only so much space on these test panels.

Okay, the next pictures don't have anything to do with the class, but one of the guys in the class actually flew in using a Cessna 195 that was in nearly perfect condition. After both classes a couple of us wandered outside and watched him depart and listened to the nice radial engine noise.

PA161507.JPG PA151492.JPG
PA161514.JPG PA151493.JPG
RRRRRRRRRRrrrrrr . . . nice radial engine noise.

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