Misc. Reference Documents

This is a boring page. That's okay, as it's just supposed to be a list for all the reference documents, tips, and other useful stuff that doesn't have a specific place to go.

  • Misc. RV documents
    • [html] RV-7A specs - the specifics on the performance of the aircraft we're building. This is pretty much copied from the Van's Aircraft site.
    • [pdf] Secure the Trim Tab Hinge Pin - Phil Duyck's idea to safety the trim tab pin.
    • [html] Working Smart - Sam Buchanan's thoughts on how to maximize the amount of bang for your investment of time in the shop.

  • Service Bulletins (These are only the service bulletins that are relevant to and have been performed on this aircraft. This is not a complete list of service bulletins from Van's Aircraft.)
    • [pdf] SB 05-1-1 - 21 Jan 05 service bulletin - modifying the rollbar in the 7/7A 9/9A tipper RVs.
    • [pdf] SB 06-2-23 - 23 Feb 06 service bulletin - safety wiring the fuel pickup tubes.
    • [pdf] SB 07-11-9 - 9 Nov 07 service bulletin - replace the nosegear fork to the new model.

  • Regulations, or something
  • N257S Official POH, Weight and Balance
    • [doc] N257S POH - this is based on Roberta Hegy's POH for her RV-7A, this has been slightly modified for this plane.
    • [xls] Weight and Balance - for this particular plane, but is a nice spreadsheet that will work if you plug in the weight for your RV-7A.

  • N257S Misc. Reference
    • [txt] Aftermarket Parts List - the list of all the non-Van's parts, extras, aftermarket modifications, etc.
    • [html] Panel Planning - the goals for the panel, and how we're planning to go about getting there.
    • [html] Rollbar Mods - a couple ideas (not original with me) that we'll probably use on the rollbar of N257S.

  • Tools and Equipment
    • [pdf] Guide to Reamers - I didn't know what a reamer was when I started this project, this is a fairly good intro. This becomes important when working on the aileron bellcrank bushings. This came from an Army Manual - "Use and Care of Handtools and Measuring Tools" #TM-943 . . . I think there are used copies online if you want the whole book.
    • [jpeg] Audio Jack Wiring - audio, ground, wiring information for a mono phone jack, mic jack, and stereo phone jack. I believe that I stole this from Dan Checkoway, but I'm not sure if he got it somewhere or wrote it himself. Either way, it's useful.
    • [pdf] Handy Packing Bearing Packer - manual for the Lisle Handy Packer Bearing Packer. This is a good tool to use for the wheel bearings if you don't want to get grease all over yourself.
    • [pdf] Magneto Timing Tool - a tool sold as a kit - you get to build it yourself. A few different companies sell it, I bought mine from CreativAir.

  • Vendor-specific documents
  • FAA Registration Forms (Disclaimer: these are the blank version of the forms that we used when this plane was registered. Check www.faa.gov for the latest version.)
    • [pdf] FAA 8130-6d - application for airworthiness certificate
    • [pdf] FAA 8130-12 - eligibility statement for amateur-built aircraft. (You will need to have this notarized.)
    • [pdf] FAA 8610-2 - repairman certificate application
    • [pdf] FAA 8710-1a - airman/certificate rating application supplemental information

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