Specs and Performance for the RV-7A

The RV-7A is a two person, tricycle-gear, aluminum monocoque aircraft. The one that I'm planning on building will have a variable-pitch prop and a 180 HP engine.

The following information is from the Van's Aircraft website and is the performance specs from their factory demonstrator, N137RV. We are probably not going to get numbers quite this good as the prop we're putting onto the plane is a fixed-pitch prop instead of a variable-pitch prop (like the demonstrator), but this seems to have more of an impact on climb performance and takeoff distance than it does on top speed and range.

Note also that all RVs (except the 9 and the 10) are designed to be aerobatic aircraft even with a passenger - they are all rated to +6 and -3 Gs at gross aerobatic weight, which is roughly defined as two people, half tanks of gas, and no luggage.

Speed - Solo Weight
Top Speed208 mph
Cruise - 75% @ 8000 ft198 mph
Cruise - 55% @ 8000178 mph
Stall51 mph

Speed - Gross Weight
Top Speed207 mph
Cruise - 75% @ 8000 ft197 mph
Cruise - 55% @ 8000177 mph
Stall58 mph

Ground Performance - Solo Weight
Takeoff Distance275 feet
Landing Distance350 feet

Ground Performance - Gross Weight
Takeoff Distance575 feet
Landing Distance500 feet

Climb/Ceiling - Solo Weight
Rate of Climb2,100 fpm
Ceiling22,000 ft

Climb/Ceiling - Gross Weight
Rate of Climb1,600 fpm
Ceiling19,500 ft

Range - 75% @ 8000 ft765 sm
Range - 55% @ 8000940 sm

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