RV Weekend @ Lakeland '05

Although the turnout was down from last year, the RV Weekend in Lakeland this year was by no means anything close to a bust, bad weather notwithstanding. As one of the guys I flew down with pointed out, if there are fewer people there, we've all got better chances of winning door prizes. For me, it was about time to take a break from banging rivets and get a bit of a kick in the motivation department, so taking a weekend off to cram in a bunch of flying, goofing off, and sleeping on the ground was just what the doctor ordered.

This whole shebang is put on by the Florida Wing of Van's Air Force, and somehow the nice folks at Rotary Aviation are involved, too. It was a neat chance to match up some familiar names with some not-so-familiar faces, and a good time was had by all.

Oh. We all won door prizes, too.

So, without any further messing around, here are all the pictures and and associated commentary:

  • Trip Down - gaggle of 3 TVRVBG RVs, and stop at Zephyr Hills for (somewhat) cheap gas.
  • RVs on the Flightline - This was just walking around taking pictures of RVs that happened to be sitting there.
  • RVs with Rotary Engines - well, and an RV-7A that was still under construction. Pictures of FWF stuff on all those planes.
  • Trip Back - gaggle of 2 on the way back, lunch stop at Cedar Key.

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