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Flying to Breakfast . . . and lunch

Gaggle on the way to Murfreesboro. Dad and I are in the number two slot, and Jeff's in the lead.

Foggy morning . . . the fog and the fall colors made for a pretty flight.

Starting to descend into Murfreesboro.

Pile of RVs from DCU on the ramp.

Stearman sitting on the ramp.

Stearman nose art.

Another Stearman just taxing in.

Jeff's plane on the ramp.

At the gas pumps: gas was cheap, so there was something of a line.

Stearman is full of gas - time to go make some noise.

More RVs getting gas.

Getting ready to depart Murfreesboro.

Alabama welcome center with a Saturn I.

Fall colors . . .
Downtown Murfreesboro.

Obligatory self-portrait.

Guntersville Lake.
Talladega Superspeedway - there was something going on . . . not sure what.

Parked in front of the restaurant at Pell City.

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