Trip Reports

Newest stuff is close to the top - right now, there's not much of an organization here other than it's just all here in the order that it happened. Trips that are more interesting, perhaps, have more pictures of them on this page.

  • 8 Nov 08 - breakfast run with the TVRVBG. We've been on breakfast runs before, but only because it was possible to mooch rides off of other RVers. This is the first time that dad and I went in the same airplane.

  • 18-19 Oct 08 - camping trip to Wolf Run State Park, Ohio. This was the first trip of any substantial length with the RV, and - as you can tell from the picture below - was done with a couple other RVs.

  • 6 Sept 10 - trip to Detroit to see the Tigers play the White Sox. Good trip and a good game, but the Tigers couldn't pull it out in extra innings.

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