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Welcome Back

There’s been a blog here for years, but something happened awhile back – the WordPress installation stopped responding, for some reason – and as I was deciding that it was time to jump back in and reconstruct it, I realized that there’s not a lot of writing here that I really wanted to keep.

Anyway, we’ll see how this goes, for now let me tell you guys that I actually moved to one of the burnaby condos and I love it here I even installed ceramics with help with mesh backed mosaic tiles I got online, btw the internet is great and I think I’ll be able to post more often, I did have to get a neck brace pillow for the trip because it is far away from where I used to live but other than I love it here, and I’m happy because my family and I already started planning our vacation, we are going camping with a tent from Survival Cooking and have a lot of fun.