This is a collection of photographs that I've taken in Yosemite and other (hopefully) photogenic places. Most of them are 1280 by some other dimension, for the rather selfish reason that this way they'll nicely fit the screen on my laptop. Sorry. Feel free to resize them to fit your own screen.

You're welcome to use these pictures for personal use, but please credit this site. I'm not trying to make money off this, but if you are, please let me know. Thanks.

Pictures that have been posted so far:

  • Yosemite - pictures from spring of '03.
  • Misc. Alabama Pictures - from various places in the state.
  • Colorado - pictures from Aspen, Ashcroft, and the Rocky Mountains. This was late summer, '06.

To say that I have "influences" would make it sound like I take this (and myself) much more seriously than I actually do. However, some of the cool stuff that I have seen that originally got me carrying cameras to national parks is the landscape photography of Noah Grey, the work of Claude Fiddler, and of course, Ansel Adams. These folks make me despair of ever having enough wall space.

Many thanks to Nate Lewis, who digitally stitched together the panoramic photographs that are on this site.

Technical information: All photos, unless otherwise noted, have been taken with an Olympus C-5050 digital camera. Almost all the modification afterwards (if any) has been done in Apple's iPhoto and Adobe's Photoshop Elements.